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Gaubeako Ekhia

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About it


About it


About it


About it


A little bit of history

What today is a beautiful, welcoming, modern two floor house, which contains a hall on the ground floor, a wide open space dedicated to kitchen, living room, dining room (from where the terrace is accessed), one toilet for common use and a double bedroom with bathroom both adapted). And on the upper floor there are 3 double bedrooms and two bathrooms, one shared and the other one inside the bedroom. It was once the stables of the mansion to which it belongs, built in 1567 by a relative of the inquisition and although we never knew it as such, it had two floors, the upper one for the straw and in the one downstairs there is still the manger where the animals ate (exactly in the bathroom of the bedroom of the ground floor).

We were several years desiring to do something with it, considering its poor condition and in summer 2015 we decided, after a lot of effort and hope we inaugurated in December 2017.

Interesting facts about the house

The house has Wi-Fi, a 55” Smart TV in the living room with films and series in Netflix also 24” and televisions in each of the bedrooms.

The opening and locking system of the 4 Velux that the house has are controlled by remote, both the Velux and the blind, can be programmed and contain a rain sensor to close them.

The source of energy that we have chosen for the heating and hot water system is the geothermal and the heating installation in the house is by radiant floor.

In addition, we do not forget your pets. Animals are allowed in the house.